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UAEU Launches Eighth Edition of the Chancellor’s Innovation Award for the Academic Year 2022/2023

UAEU Launches Eighth Edition of the Chancellor’s Innovation Award for the Academic Year 2022/2023

Thu, 15 September 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has launched the eighth edition of the Chancellor’s Innovation Award for the academic year 2022/2023. The award scheme for faculty, staff, and students aims to stimulate and enhance the innovation environment at the university. The official website of the competition witnessed a great turnout since July 7, 2022, with a total of 370 participants, in which the percentage of students reached 52%, the percentage of faculty members reached 28%, and the participation of university employees doubled to 20% from the previous edition.

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Scientific Research at the University, explained that the UAEU gives utmost importance to innovation. It is a fundamental pillar of organizational development, and the quality of creative ideas and inventions provides practical solutions to challenges and advances effectiveness and efficiency. Innovation is also an essential part of UAEU's work system, as the university seeks to provide an enabling and appropriate environment that helps faculty, staff, and students through creativity and innovation.

Prof. Murad pointed out that the award received 146 innovative proposals, which is equivalent to more than 50% compared to the previous cycle. Proposals were received in nine areas: renewable energy, health, education, transport, technology, space, and water sources, in addition to administrative and social innovation. 20% of innovative proposals are in the field of renewable energy, similarly, 20% of proposals are considered to be in the field of health. In comparison to last year, the percentage of participation in each of the following areas: education, transportation, technology, space, water resources, administrative innovation, and social innovation climbed from 4 to 10%.

Prof. Murad stated that the Chancellor’s Award for Innovation is an incentive to motivate innovation and builds students' employability. The percentage of proposals that have been made by university students in the field of health represents 25% and in the field of renewable energy 25%. The percentage of student proposals related to the area of social innovation stands at 5%, 13% for technology, and 7% for space.

The proportion of entries by faculty in the fields of technology (27%) and education (22%) has increased and includes novel proposals for Coronavirus and cancer and ideas to help students overcome obstacles encountered during distance learning. Staff entries from laboratory specialists and research assistants contributed 20% of the total proposals.

The award cycle has now reached its final phase, which involves the submission of full proposals to the Award Jury in December 2022.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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