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Launch of strategic partnership between UAE University and Emirates Driving Company to develop research on driving and traffic safety

Launch of strategic partnership between UAE University and Emirates Driving Company to develop research on driving and traffic safety

Mon, 5 September 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

The United Arab Emirates University and the Emirates Driving Company have launched a strategic research partnership between the two sides in the field of driving and traffic safety on the campus in Al Ain. Prof. Ahmed Murad, Associate Provost for Research, Khaled Al Shamili - CEO of Emirates Driving Company - and Dr. Hamad Al Jasmi - Director of the Emirates Center for Mobility Research held a meeting at UAE University - with a team of academic, research and administrative members from both sides. They discussed ideas and topics related to the development of innovative curricula and techniques for driver training, which would contribute to empowering and enhancing the country's vision of creating a safe transportation system.

Prof. Ahmed Murad pointed to the importance of introducing innovation within the joint scientific and research work between the UAE University and private sector institutions, which contributes to building joint development plans based on studies and data analysis. As a result, it helps decision-makers in drawing future plans that contribute to achieving development and in the country in all vital fields. The UAE University works through researchers to apply the best innovative and research practices in community scientific research.

He added that such initiatives greatly help find scientific solutions to real societal challenges through research partnerships with pivotal institutions in the private sector, which would make a difference for the future of mobility in the country, which is one of the research priorities of the UAE University within the UAE University research and development strategy 2023-2026.

Mr. Khaled Al Shamili said that this partnership comes in accordance with the new strategy launched by the Emirates Driving Company, which depends on strengthening partnerships, distinguished service, expansion, sustainability and innovation.  The scientific research in all aspects of the services available in the company is a strategic initiative to enable and develop these services and make available innovative opportunities at all stages of the customer’s journey and as a method for evaluating projects and ideas in the digitization of services.

Dr. Hamad Al Jasmi focused on the main role of the Emirates Center for Mobility Research as an arm of the UAE University that is specialized in research on mobility, road and transportation security. He added that “this strategic partnership with Emirates Driving Company opens wide doors for the establishment of a multilateral national platform to study one of the key issues for safe transportation.  It results in raising awareness and training efficiency for drivers, which contributes to achieving the Abu Dhabi government zero road accident deaths' strategy. We need to use the academic research results to improve the leadership education system in the country from the psychological and technical aspects."

Mr. George Zakhem, Director of Development at the company, also praised the role played by this partnership in anticipating the future of traffic education and smart transformation to safe and sustainable mobility and introducing innovation within the business development system in all departments in order to establish a joint research and development center with the UAEU research centers.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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