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UAE University celebrates Flag Day

UAE University celebrates Flag Day

Thu, 3 November 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

As directed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, "may God protect him", the UAE University participated in the UAE Flag Day celebrations in honor and reverence for the country's flag, which is a symbol of pride and honor.

The flag-raising ceremony was attended by Prof. Ghaleb Al Hadrami Al Breiki, Acting Vice Chancellor, a number of deans of colleges and members of the administrative and academic staff, in addition to a group of students in the square of the Crescent building on the university campus, with the participation of all ministries and institutions and local and government departments by raising the flag at 11:00 am, in honor of the UAE flag.

On this occasion, Acting Vice Chancellor said: "Our celebration today in the UAE symbol and identity is an expression of the highest sense of loyalty and belonging and establishment to our generous and bright nation. It is also a national duty in which we remember the UAE achievements in all fields and honor the Emirati union.

He reported: "This occasion is also an expression of our love for our country, confirmation of our loyalty to our wise leadership, devotion to the achievements of the past fifty years, and aspiration to the next fifty years bright future for our nation, people, and residents on this good and tolerant land."

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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