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UAEU conducts a seminar: "Innovative Training" delivered by Green Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi

UAEU conducts a seminar: "Innovative Training" delivered by Green Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi

Thu, 10 February 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

In conjunction with the UAE Innovation Month "The UAE Innovates - February 2022", the United Arab Emirates University has conducted a seminar "Innovative Training", presented by " Green Sheikh", Dr. Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi, Environmental advisor to the government of Ajman, CEO of Al Ihsan Charity Association, founder of the "Green Sheikh Academy" in the presence of Prof. Ghaleb Al Hadrami Al Breiki - Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ahmed Murad - Associate Provost for Research, Dr. Khawla Al Kaabi Chief Executive Officer of Innovation, and a number of faculty members, university students and military high school students - Al-Ain branch, In the Great Hall of the Crescent Building.

The Green Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi - explained in his speech, We have always believed that innovation is a specific product or industry, but innovation is a method in which there is connection in more than one aspect. Today we are on a practical journey in which we review real videos through which I worked in training and merging originality with modernity from my personal values, the UAE values, the values of the rulers and sheikhs of the Emirates. Through this integration we reached a new innovation in the training field through connecting of minds and inspiring choice of learning through interaction school in the training field.

Through the introductory presentation "The Fifty Leaders", he reviewed the leadership training program for the new concept of innovation through a number of training stages, the role of innovation in human life and developing leaders, environment and impact of inspiration in training to develop skills and capabilities, enhance the values ​​of courage, confront of fear, breaking psychological barriers and working to enhance spirit of innovation and creativity by enriching knowledge with information in innovative practical ways and exercises.  It enables quick and decisive decision-making, and inspiring impact through training for future leaders and youth to achieve goals in sustainability and social responsibility, and to enhance the skills of Harmony, adaptability, flexibility and innovation in an innovative and new training environment.

Among the leadership programs in the innovative training, there is selection of a team leader who was given a leadership task in which there is a challenge at a specific time. He also addressed the use of the Japanese concept of ikigai philosophy to nourish the soul with faith and certainty. It is a Japanese word that describes the purpose and meaning of life. The word consists of two syllables Iki (to live) and gai (reason). Ikigai represents the wisdom of the Japanese in life, gentleness, morals and deeds that are rooted in Japanese society and developed over hundreds of years in society in pursuit of a meaningful life.  The concept of ikigai can help find a firm purpose and give conviction and motivation to develop, live and be happy in life.

He has also addressed a number of training-related themes, including nature secrets and ambiguities, how to preserve its beauty and splendor, how to activate the values ​​of humanity in dealing with all creatures and the surrounding environment. He also reviewed practical models for a number of personalities and leaders in the UAE and their humanitarian role in leadership, in addition to the concept of innovative impact through small works that leave a great impact with sincerity of intentions and quality of work in three main themes: enrichment, land, and people, to maximize impact, maximize moment, and maximize reward through human models, personal experience, and human interaction.

He also addressed the innovative training outputs, which are: discovering abilities and talents in the natural environment and investing them in the appropriate places through behavior, eating, walking or moving through the effect of interaction, in order to bring out the best of the participants and harness them in their lives and work.  In addition, the third element in the innovative training is "harmony leadership" that is achieving harmony with the team, the coach and the surrounding environment, to launch sustainable leadership initiatives for people, society, environment, or economic project that achieves tangible and intangible profits, which are societal profits that provide greater job opportunities for different groups of society.

For maximizing moment in innovative training, he presented a model of a personal experience relating to maximizing moment, reward and impact, through treatment, style and event. He stressed the importance of dialogue, constructive discussion and insight in innovative training, while he presented a model training on maximizing impact represented in an expedition to the Antarctica 2021, where for the first time the call to prayer and prayer towards the Qibla was raised in the Antarctic pole of the globe. After he returned from the trip, a workshop was conducted, which is an interactive program in the Antarctic pole so that Emirati women will have positive and global leadership, to emphasize and bring out the best in the person and develop sense of leadership, through training and learning in a creative and innovative way.

For maximizing reward, he called on the participants to preserve and enhance human values as an individual and societal behavior, which may be: a kind word, a smile, or a behavior, or adherence to the authentic values of love, loyalty, appreciation and peace in the country of love and peace in the United Arab Emirates. It is a way of life and a style adopted by the UAE leadership to promote love, peace and tolerance in the local and international community.

Dr. Khawla Al Kaabi, chief Innovation Officer at the UAE University, explained that science and innovation are the basis for the progress and development of nations. Our most important investment lies in preparing future generations capable of keeping pace with global economic transformations through innovation, research and development, and enjoying a spirit of leadership, creativity, responsibility and ambition to contribute to enhancing the UAE gains and achievements, and supporting its vision. This is what we seek through effective communication with society and enhancing innovation skills among UAEU students through training and development.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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