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A lecture at UAEU discusses ‎importance of " role of media in ‎promoting culture of travel & tourism‏"‏

A lecture at UAEU discusses ‎importance of " role of media in ‎promoting culture of travel & tourism‏"‏

Mon, 14 February 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

The Department of Media and Creative Industries organized a lecture on " Role of Media in Promoting Culture of Travel & Tourism", presented by Mr. Ibrahim Al Dhahli - Editor-in-Chief of Asfaar magazine for travel and tourism, in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and Heritage at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in the theater of the College of Information Technology, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Al Mansoori - Chair of the Media and Creative Industries Department, Dr. Adrian Louis de Man - Chair of Tourism and Heritage Department, and college students‏.‏

Dr. Ahmed Al Mansoori, Chair of the Media and Creative Industries Department, explained, This lecture comes within the department s activities in communicating with the parties and stakeholders in the media sectors and creative industries. It also aims to transfer personal and practical knowledge and experience to university students, providing opportunities to acquire new skills and experiences to add to knowledge and culture of tourism and heritage students in the tourism media. He added that these activities will contribute to refining the students personality, preparing and qualifying them to engage in the labor market, enabling them to interact with events, and enhancing their media culture and ability to produce excellent, creative, and innovative media content.

In his presentation, Mr. Ibrahim Al Dhahli, Editor-in-Chief of Asfaar magazine for travel & tourism and a UAE traveler, who was able, during his trips and visits to many countries nearly 170 countries around the world, to write down his notes and enhance his culture with many knowledge and experiences. He emphasized that the tourism in the UAE has achieved qualitative leaps in the past years, due to the interest of the UAE leadership to develop infrastructure and facilities and promote sustainable tourism development, which is among the best infrastructure in the world‏.‏

He said, "The UAE has assumed an advanced position, not only in regional tourism, but also in the global tourism map, and unlike many countries, the growth of the local tourism sector has mainly depended on local investments, as huge investments have been employed in tourism infrastructure by both public and private sectors. Those investments made it possible to establish important facilities without which the tourism sector could not have developed. This also keeps pace with the great development of local airlines, which are gaining day after day a distinctive global presence, and are able to connect the four directions of the globe, which allowed to attract large numbers of tourists from different parts of the world‏.‏

He noted that despite the Corona pandemic, which blocked travel and tourism activities in many tourist places, it provided an opportunity to learn about tourist attractions and promote domestic tourism in the UAE, stressing the importance of the role of local media in shedding light on the culture of domestic tourism, and creating media content that enhances this trend in social and other media. In addition, it is necessary to prepare qualified national staff in tourism media to provide an opportunity to discover talents by creating innovative media content that enhances integration of tourism activities and promotion campaigns to promote many areas and tourism opportunities in the UAE‏.‏

At the end of the lecture, they discussed mechanisms for enhancing media and promotional efforts for tourism industry, promoting culture of international tourism and learning about new cultures around the world to add to the human knowledge in transferring values through exploring and transferring cultures, civilizations, and heritage to the world through tourism media‏.‏

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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