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3 UAEU students successfully finished internship for Lulu Money

3 UAEU students successfully finished internship for Lulu Money

Wed, 13 April 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

The United Arab Emirates University has successfully lead 3 Computer Science students in participating at Lulu Money internship. The 6-month-long internship aims to ideate and design potential frameworks for one of the region s most popular cross-border payment apps, LuLu Money.

Arwa Alyarwan, Shamma Alsaedi, and Sara Alshamsi, mentored by Dr. Jose Berengueres, professor of Design Thinking, Analytics and Visualization made up the team who turned the internship into a two-way knowledge exchange street. Coming off from global hackathons, coding events, and innovations fests, the team blended their innate knowledge into the complex world of financial services.

The project was named Bill Tora after the Arabic term Fatora which means bill. On its first phase, the students were encouraged to design a framework for this dedicated new module which is aimed to facilitate easier payments of bills through the app. Having no background in finance or the process involved in a transaction, the team finished the internship with an impactful finish and commendations.

Mr. Joseph Cleetus, Head of Business Transformation at LuLu Financial Group said, Fintech companies rely majorly on the aspects of user experience and visualization. The design background possessed by the students was a crucial crossover skill that allowed them to excel at their work, and contribute to our team s learning curve simultaneously, in a more meaningful way.

The successful conclusion of the first phase led the team at Lulu Money to plan for an extension of Bill Tora, which will be an all-encompassing subscription module where the three students were made as lead designers of the UI/UX framework.

The addition of the students in LuLu Money s globally diversified team extends its remote working capabilities where team of technologists are based out of various countries such as UAE, Bahrain, India, Indonesia working closely to network digitally, ideate, and build real-world solutions.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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