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Dr. Safa Maatouq Al Mohana

Dr. Safa Maatouq Al Mohana

Mon, 6 June 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

Head of Financial Projects and Compliance Abu Dhabi Media Company  

DBA programme opened new doors for prominent financial researcher

For Dr Safa Maatouq Al Mohana, the DBA programme at the United Arab Emirates University has opened a number of vital doors. The Head of Financial Projects and Compliance at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Media Company has allowed her to reach her full potential as a researcher.

“The programme was great in that it helped set me up to address business issues through a powerful research process,” she said. “It helped me considerably in expanding my expert system and creating my educational expertise, while upgrading my examinations and presentation abilities through its extremely compact and compelling lectures.”

Dr Al Mohana graduated from the programme in November 2015, running in parallel to her 19 years at the company as Head of Investment. “I believe that I selected the United Arab Emirates University to study due to the distinguished faculty members and the high-quality standard of education,” she said. “In my current job, the course was able to open doors for me to propose innovative ideas for the company. It also helped me better understand management principles and learn how to combine management practices with advanced business theories.”

Dr Al Mohana, who is originally from Abu Dhabi, was especially thankful in the way the programme allowed her to develop her research, which extended through the stock markets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, investigating the degree of integration between domestic stock markets of the UAE, and integration with global stock markets. The research came out as the first of its kind in the sector. “I was interested in the topic initially due to the importance of the financial crisis which occurred in 2008,” she explained. “It raised the importance of this kind of study, which I think is the importance of know-of techniques and studying the challenges that may occur in the coming years.”

She called the DBA programme “excellent”, as it prepares participants to address business problems through an effective research process. “I advise anyone who plans to take on post-graduate studies to enroll in the programme,” she said. “This is the best programme that helps a lot in widening your professional network and develops personal intellect and practical skills, while enhancing research and presentation skills.”

Although her interest in finance dates back to her early days, she never imagined she would end up in the position she is in today. “I am focusing on some areas of finance, such as financial markets,” Dr Al Mohana said. “My Master’s degree was in the same field and my thesis was on the financial market but, more specifically, to evaluate the performance of selected sectors of the Abu Dhabi market using financial techniques.”

She feels the skills and qualifications she acquired have now surpassed her current position. “I have to move to another dynamic environment,” she said. “I want to utilise my skills, my knowledge and my competencies. Ultimately, I would like to become a minister related to finance and economics – nothing is impossible, we just have to pray and God will help us.”


United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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