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Dr. Noora Mahfoodh Al Shehhi

Dr. Noora Mahfoodh Al Shehhi

Mon, 6 June 2022

Neurosurgery intern- Tawam Hospital

A proud United Arab Emirates University Alumna, Dr Noora Mahfoodh Al Shehhi has graduated recently from the college of medicine and health sciences (CMHS) in 2019. Dr. Noora has completed her internship at Tawam Hospital at SEHA, and is currently training at Tawam hospital s neurosurgery department as an intern.

As someone who never thought of becoming a doctor before, I m certainly privileged and lucky to be in this field she explains. Coming from a family of UAEU graduates -especially my father who was in one of the first graduating batches- has influenced my choice greatly. Being a student at CMHS, UAEU has given me the strength and support I needed to find my true calling, I am always grateful for my mentors who keep inspiring me, notably Dr. Taleb Al Mansoori and Dr. Saeeda Al Marzooqi, both whom I consider outstanding educators and roles models

Dr. Noora is currently pursuing a career in neurosurgery and applying for residency abroad. Falling in love with neurosurgery was one of the greatest moments during medical school, neurosurgery brought the best in me and made me realized what it feels like to have a dream and work hard to make this dream a reality! She adds: during my time at many different neurosurgical departments, I was privileged to learn from many talented neurosurgeons and senior colleagues. I can proudly say that one of the things that makes me love neurosurgery more is the families I make at every department I work in . She adds hopefully with my hard work and the support I get from my mentors and family I can become the neurosurgeon I am dreaming to be in the future .

During medical school, Dr. Noora showed great interest in being part of many different activities and with the support she found from the CMHS leaders and faculty, she was able to co-found the surgery interest group and the neuroscience interest group aiming to attract and support students interested in those fields. She is also serving as the Asia and Australia regional representative at the Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) National Medical Student committee where she leads different student chapters around the region and contributes to several committee projects which is helping to nurture her interest in medical education and mentorship.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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