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Dr. Manzoor Khan

Dr. Manzoor Khan

Thu, 16 January 2020

Dr. Manzoor KhanDr. Manzoor Khan joined the Department of Computer and Network Engineering, College of Information Technology, UAEU in 2019. Before joining UAEU, he was with Distributed Artificial Laboratory (DAI Lab, Technical University Berlin, Germany). He served as a Privatdozent (~Adjunct Prof.) at TU Berlin. For more than a decade at DAI Laboratory, TU Berlin, he served in different capacities including: Research Director of six Competence Centers (Network and Mobility, Security, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning, Robotics, Next Generation Systems, Agent Core Technologies), Director of Future Communication Systems Competence Center, and Project Manager of various large-scale European Union and German National projects. 
He led research activities in the area of autonomous driving, 4G, 5G, smart cities, autonomous network management, and application of AI approaches in different application domains. He also led the activities of developming large-scale proof of concepts for evaluating the research outcomes in mobile communication and autonomous driving areas. In his multidisciplinary research career, he designed and developed solutions for industry, state funded and EU funded projects. He is the author of over 45 publications in journals, magazines, conference proceedings, and as book chapters. 
Dr. Khan has been the technical lead of a flagship autonomous driving project of Germany, where a road in the center of Berlin was digitized to test different use cases of autonomous driving. The test road was inaugurated by the German Minister of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure, Mr. Andreas Scheuer and Mayor Berlin, Mr. Michael Müller. This activity also involved many other partners from Automotive sector, mobile operators, tier-1 providers, etc. 

Dr. Khan served as Germany’s trial site leader for a European Union project that focused on cross-border autonomous driving corridors and 5G mobile communication. Daimler, Valeo, Dekra testing, Ericsson, FORD Automotive, Nokia Siemens, Telefonica, Turkcell, and ERTICO were some of the consortium partners. He has also been actively involved in the discussions for establishing an international consortium of autonomous driving testbeds, for the stakeholders (both universities and industry) from Australia, China, USA, UK, and Germany were targeted.

Dr. Khan was one of the core members in designing the eHealth / virtual hospital use cases with a few medical institutes and mobile network solution providers from Europe. One of the noticeable activities in this regard has been planning the establishment of two pilot sites (as part of a Celtic-Plus project) in Germany i.e., virtual hospital and emergency ambulance. Dr. Khan was project leader for Germany’s consortium and sub-project leader for global consortium. VTT Finland, Fraunhofer IIS, Turkcell, Deutsche Herzzentrum, Vestel, were some of the consortium partners.

After joining UAEU, he is planning to create corridor of the future that will enable the interplay of different technologies for autonomous driving, eHealth, and other smart city applications. He is planning to autonomous driving and beyond 5G solutions, which meet requirements of UAE. His vision is to turn corridor of the future into an innovation playground that does not only enable the integration of solutions from different domains (computer science, security, health, energy, law, business) but also provide the university with a showcasing platform. This corridor will be a step towards integration of different research silos and transforming the research activities to achieve greater impact. Dr. Khan is planning to design and develop the required communication, control, and visualization tools in this regard.

Dr. Khan will soon start with automating the golf-carts and implant his research contributions for different operations and use-cases. He is planning to go beyond the current standpoint of autonomous driving by creating the perception and control solution that exploits features of beyond 5G, AI, IoT middleware, and sensor data fusion approaches. The prototype will be evaluated in the corridor of future for different use cases. He plans to create a series of senior projects and smaller research activities so that UAEU’s students may be well integrated in his research activities on autonomous driving, beyond 5G, and corridor of future. Dr. Khan loves nature, hiking, and biking.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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